Friday, April 21, 2017

We are all intimate strangers on social media

The last two weeks Brazilian facebookers have resorted to a classic speaking activity we often use in language learning classrooms - a person says truths about themselves, with one lie in the midst of all that information. The game has now been officially coined as "9 truths" and "one lie".
The fun activity raises three points:
1. We probably don't know a lot about the people we interact with regularly on social media;
2. What we choose to share as truth or lie is totally up to us and tests our creative storytelling skills
3. In an information-saturated world, telling the difference between truth and lie may not be as easy as we tend to believe.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ask the people who live the culture

Social media can make it easier to learn about other cultures and see your own culture in a different light.

 It took just a question to get members of our Cross-Cultural Critical Thinkers group to share, to confirm, and to reflect on issues like language, religion, education and government.

Probably better than reading about it on Wikipedia.

What this does is it encourages members to verify information.

How to grow your PLN using Twitter

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