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Building a community to last

Social media and social networking have made it possible for us to connect with likeminded individuals across geographical borders and different languages and cultures. These platforms have become literal gold mines for users seeking to form groups to exchange ideas, to develop best practices through member to member interactio. I was reminded of this vital point about two weeks ago when @KarlyMoura shared her impressions of the people who had just participated in our #nt2t (New Teachers to Twitter) chat she had moderated.
This stopped me in my tracks - how DO we actually form a "wonderful, welcoming community" online? The secret seems to lie in some truths we (co-founder and moderator Julie Szaj - @shyj, recently on board moderator Hannah Turk - @hturk139 and I) hold on to:
We push and support each other, we step in when the other needs a hand and we make sure everyone feels they and their opinions are valued. Maybe I am overlooking some other points, but this is no doubt a driving factor:
Will that "community" last much? To be frank, Twitter will be old to almost all teachers someday, leaving us with very little to go with. Let's see what the future holds for the communities that have spun from the chat.

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