Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being globally connected - what it entails

On May 11th, I was invited to guest moderate the #teacheredchat held every Monday from 9 to 10 pm EST. The topic is one of the buzz issues in 21st-century education - connecting globally.

The questions that guided the chat covered:

  • ways to stay connected as an educator
  • ways to connect your classroom
  • technology tools to help you make global connections
  • plans for staying connected
  • ways to convince others to connect
One question that lingered on in my mind after the chat was what it means to be globally connected and the implications that brings to the teaching/learning experience.

My impression is that connect globally is to use the Web to break down the physical walls of the classroom. The world we live in can't and shouldn't be shut out so making learning relevant, current and engaging can only happen if we open the windows of the classroom to what is going around us. The advantages and challenges of doing is that we can analyze our world critically and safely if we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our students from unwanted cyber attacks. 

Before we can talk of connecting globally we have to develop in ourselves as educators the habit of collaboration with our local colleagues whenever possible. And this collaboration should be interdisciplinary to make the experience more worthwhile, to help students connect the dots between knowledge learned in one field and ideas acquired in another. 

Connecting globally reminds us teachers that we are also learners - from our students and from other inspiring educators who are being the change they want to see

So, the question still lingers: what does connecting globally mean to you?

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