Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things we learn

Here are some really valuable lessons from the chat we had on hashtags (March 8th, 2014):

  • When so you follow someone that is no longer relevant to your needs, it is okay to unfollow them. @buttefli820 
  • Use the hashtag to share resources with a specific group that would be of interest to them @Fearless_Teach 
  • In the default twitter search bar, you can search a topic with or without the hashtag @MrKlinge 
  • Hashtags can help you find teachers doing similar things in the classroom @sr_tutor 
  • "I found #nt2t in my home feed this morning tweeted by folks I've followed from other chats. Cycle keeps going. Power of a hashtag". @rawolfson 
  • I make sure I research a hashtag before I use it. Some have been used in a way I don't to be associated with @shyj @fishtree_edu 
  • The hashtag is "born" the moment you use it. If a lot of ppl use it, it becomes popular and starts to "trend" @kenjeffery 
  • When I forget a hashtag, I go to my home, hit retweet, edit to add the hashtag and delete the evidence and resend @craigyen 
  • You don't have to feel pressure 2 participate at first! Just scroll, read, and when it feels right, jump in @bethhill2829 
  • Hashtags help you follow a conversation held by several on a particular topic. 
  • Search a hashtag and start lurking in the convo @bethhill2829

What have you learned about hashtags?

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